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\title{Parse casting formulae.}
parse_formula(formula = "... ~ variable", varnames, value.var = "value")
\item{formula}{formula to parse}
\item{varnames}{names of all variables in data}
\item{value.var}{name of variable containing values}
There are a two ways to specify a casting formula: either as a string, or
a list of quoted variables. This function converts the former to the
Casting formulas separate dimensions with \code{~} and variables within
a dimension with \code{+} or \code{*}. \code{.} can be used as a
placeholder, and \code{...} represents all other variables not otherwise
reshape2:::parse_formula("a + ...", letters[1:6])
reshape2:::parse_formula("a ~ b + d")
reshape2:::parse_formula("a + b ~ c ~ .")
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