dcast converts characters to factors when margins are given #8

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mhofert commented Aug 17, 2011

Dear Hadley,

I realized a strange behavior with characters being converted to factors by dcast()
but only if "margins" is given:


df <- data.frame(Time=0:11, Group=rep(c("Group.1","Group.2","Group.3"), each=4), 
                 Value=1:12, stringsAsFactors=FALSE)
sapply(1:3, function(j) class(df[,j])) # okay, fine

df. <- dcast(df, Time + Group ~ "Value", fun.aggregate=sum, value_var="Value") 
sapply(1:3, function(j) class(df.[,j])) # okay, still fine

df.. <- dcast(df, Time + Group ~ "Value", fun.aggregate=sum, value_var="Value", margins="Group") 
sapply(1:3, function(j) class(df..[,j])) # problem: the Group column is converted to factor

It might be due to some newly created data.frame... Maybe dcast should accept a
stringsAsFactors argument?



PS: Another "nice-to-have" would be if the user could provide an alternative string for "(all)" when creating margins.


hadley commented Mar 10, 2014

Hi Marius,

This is by design - otherwise the margin value "(all)" wouldn't sort at the end.


hadley closed this Mar 10, 2014

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