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stringr 0.6.1
* Zero input to `str_split_fixed` returns 0 row matrix with `n` columns
* Export `str_join`
stringr 0.6
* new modifier `perl` that switches to Perl regular expressions
* `str_match` now uses new base function `regmatches` to extract matches -
this should hopefully be faster than my previous pure R algorithm
stringr 0.5
* new `str_wrap` function which gives `strwrap` output in a more convenient
* new `word` function extract words from a string given user defined
separator (thanks to suggestion by David Cooper)
* `str_locate` now returns consistent type when matching empty string (thanks
to Stavros Macrakis)
* new `str_count` counts number of matches in a string.
* `str_pad` and `str_trim` receive performance tweaks - for large vectors this
should give at least a two order of magnitude speed up
* str_length returns NA for invalid multibyte strings
* fix small bug in internal `recyclable` function
stringr 0.4
* all functions now vectorised with respect to string, pattern (and
where appropriate) replacement parameters
* fixed() function now tells stringr functions to use fixed matching, rather
than escaping the regular expression. Should improve performance for
large vectors.
* new modifier tells stringr functions to ignore case of
* str_replace renamed to str_replace_all and new str_replace function added.
This makes str_replace consistent with all functions.
* new str_sub<- function (analogous to substring<-) for substring replacement
* str_sub now understands negative positions as a position from the end of
the string. -1 replaces Inf as indicator for string end.
* str_pad side argument can be left, right, or both (instead of center)
* str_trim gains side argument to better match str_pad
* stringr now has a namespace and imports plyr (rather than requiring it)
stringr 0.3
* fixed() now also escapes |
* str_join() renamed to str_c()
* all functions more carefully check input and return informative error
messages if not as expected.
* add invert_match() function to convert a matrix of location of matches to
locations of non-matches
* add fixed() function to allow matching of fixed strings.
stringr 0.2
* str_length now returns correct results when used with factors
* str_sub now correctly replaces Inf in end argument with length of string
* new function str_split_fixed returns fixed number of splits in a character
* str_split no longer uses strsplit to preserve trailing breaks
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