svglite 1.2.0

@lionel- lionel- released this Nov 3, 2016 · 9 commits to master since this release

New features

  • The device functions gain system_fonts and user_fonts arguments.
  • Two new vignettes: vignette("fonts") and vignette("scaling"). The vignette on fonts explains in detail how to use the new fonts arguments and why. The vignette on scaling goes over scaling issues, e.g. when embedding svglite outputs in a web page.
  • xmlSVG() gains height and width arguments (#66).
  • New stringSVG() device function for quick testing.


  • Greatly improves the performance of svgstring() (#58).
  • Clip paths now get a unique identifier to avoid collisions when multiple plots are included in a document (#67).
  • Raster graphics are now correctly cropped (#64) and handle transparency properly.
  • The dimensions of text fields are now hardcoded in the SVGs to prevent alignment issues.

Bug fixes

  • editSVG() works again (#56).
  • The dashes in lines with lwd < 1 are scaled better (#68).
  • Transparent blacks are written correctly (#62, #63).
  • Text is now scaled correctly (#72, #59). See also the new vignette on scaling.