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Copyright 2015 Hadley Rich

Python scripts to interface with a Mitsubishi Heat Pump / Air Conditioner

Includes a module for UART communication with the unit itself, and also a module for interfacing through MQTT.

A work in progress. There are a couple of issues and missing things.


  • I haven't yet figured out the codes for horizontal air direction vanes.
  • Reconnection to the MQTT broker isn't always handled correctly.
  • Due to the way that the heat pump communicates (slowly) you may not see a result from sending a command for a few seconds.
  • There are others I haven't thought of yet - it's only been tested on two models under our own use cases.

Wanted / TODO

  • Documentation and examples.
  • More robust reconnection to MQTT broker.
  • Figure out the codes for horizontal vanes.
  • Implement more MQTT connection options
  • CLI script for sending commands.
  • Web interface example.
  • Alternative MQTT protocol standards such as Homie.
  • Python packaging.


BSD - See LICENSE file

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