graylog2 systemd scripts
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graylog2 systemd scripts

Here you can find systemd scripts for latest (v0.20.6) graylog2-server and graylog2-web. Please note, that these scripts assume couple of things:

  • systemd is in version 208 or newer
  • graylog2-server is located in /opt/graylog2-server
  • graylog2-web is located in /opt/graylog2-web
  • graylog2-server is running on the same machine as Elasticsearch and MongoDB (if this is not the case, just remove Requires section from graylog2-server script)
  • scripts are binded to and will fail to start when it's not present (both during boot time and when for some reason will go down)

Please notice that there are no guarantees that hamsters will not eat your server (nor that those scripts will work for you).

Pull requests are more than welcome! (:



sudo wget -O /lib/systemd/system/graylog2-server.service
sudo systemctl enable graylog2-server
sudo systemctl start graylog2-server


sudo wget -O /lib/systemd/system/graylog2-web.service
sudo systemctl enable graylog2-web
sudo systemctl start graylog2-web


Filip "Hadret" Chabik / @hadret

(Remember to add yourself when pull requesting).