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Ranking Policy Decisions

Code associated with paper Ranking Policy Decisions. Website with results and examples available here.

Given a policy p, a default policy d, and some condition, this code will allow you to score states according to how important it is to follow p over d. If we choose d to be some simple default action, we can understand in which states p is actually useful over doing something obvious.

Setting Up (Python) Environment

Using Anaconda to make a new environment:

conda env create -f environment.yml
conda activate polrank

Using pip (python >=3.8 required):

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Setting Up (RL) Environments

For all of them, start with:

pip3 install gym


For CartPole, that's it!


For Minigrid:

pip3 install gym-minigrid
pip3 install torch-ac

Atari Games

For Atari Games:

pip3 install atari-py
pip3 install gym[atari]

or, on windows:

pip3 install -f atari_py
pip3 install gym[atari]

Basic Commands

To run experiments from paper, use Refer to the following table for the environment ID:

Environment ID
MiniGrid 0
CartPole 1
Atlantis 2
Boxing 3
Breakout 4
Breakout (custom abstraction) 5
Chopper Command 6
Kung Fu Master 7
Pong 8
Seaquest 9
Space Invaders 10

Run the experiment with:

python3 [ID]

First, this will download any models needed to run the experiments. Then, this will run a counting phase, in which the test suite is built, a scoring phase in which all the states are scored, and an interpolating phase, in which pruned policies are made and tested. Results will be stored in the results folder.


Credit for each environment and policy-training method is supplied in the README for each environment, in polexp/environments/


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