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Information Technologies at Pratt SI

Welcome to 654!

We're using Github this semester as a tool for distributing files and as a method of helping folks get more acquainted with code editors and open tools, etc.

See below for basic headline info, but see the syllabus section for the formal full course information documents, and the assignments folder for the descriptions of materials you will turn in.

See you in class!

Identifier: INFO-654-04

Credits: 3

Day and Time: Wednesday 06:30PM - 09:20PM

Location: Manhattan, Room 606


  • Josh Hadro (You can call me "Josh", pronouns he/his)
  • Ashley Blewer (You can call me "Ashley", pronouns she/hers)

Office Hours: by appointment

Course Etherpad:

[increment last digit for subsequent class numbers, e.g. -2 for class session 2, -6 for class session 6, etc.]

Course WordPress site: (invitations and logins to come)

Course hashtag: #INFO654 (optional)

Publishing everything in this repo as CC-BY; see license

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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