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Note: Gradio is dead! But don't worry!

A successor is already being developed. It's called Shortwave, which will include all important Gradio features.

  • Your data can be transferred easily from Gradio to Shortwave.
  • It's written completely from scratch using Rust
  • The interface will be adaptive using libhandy (Will be compatible with Librem 5)

You can track the development of Shortwave here:


A GTK3 app for finding and listening to internet radio stations.

alt text

GitHub release Flatpak License: GPL v3 Packaging status Translation status

General Informations

  • Installation

Download on Flathub

Open install instructions / Open build instructions

  • License
    GNU General Public License, Version 3

  • Bugs
    To report bugs, please use the GitHub bugtracker

  • Translations
    To translate Gradio, please use Weblate.

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