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Scriptable Ruby client for Quassel

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Quassel-Ruby - Quassel Client in Ruby

This is a work-in-progress Ruby client for the distributed IRC client Quassel.


Currently, Quassel-Ruby is able to connect to the core, login with given credentials, and display messages sent from core in the console.

The goal of the project is to provide a scripting interface, allowing Ruby scripts to send and respond to IRC messages and events.


To connect to a running core using specified credentials, and print IRC messages:

quassel-client -s quassel/scripts/logger -u username -p password

To act as a proxy between a running core and other Quassel clients, printing messages sent between them:

quassel-client -s quassel/scripts/proxy

To show full usage:

quassel-client -h


  • ruby 1.9

  • running Quassel core

  • qtruby

  • bindata

  • case

  • eventful

  • caseconverter

  • trollop

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