Exports and installs all active instances of a font and avoids caching.
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Export and install fonts from Glyphs.app

Installing fonts on MacOS sometimes is tricky, as fonts stay cached in the old version, even when installing a new one.

This script solves caching issues.

  1. Exports all active instances of a font
  2. Deletes (uninstalls) older versions of each instance
  3. Renames the exported fonts to OriginalName-20180212-2234.otf (including the current time to avoid caching issues)
  4. Installs the new version into ~/Library/Fonts

Before running this script the first time, use Glyph.app’s export function at least once. The configuration is kept.


git clone git@github.com:hagenburger/glyphs-export-and-install.git
cd glyphs-export-and-install
ln -s "`pwd`/Export-and-install.py" ~/Library/Application\ Support/Glyphs/Scripts

Restart Glyphs.app.

Screenshot of the installed script in the menu


In case updates are available:

cd glyphs-export-and-install
git pull


Copyright 2018++ Nico Hagenburger. See MIT-LICENSE.md for details. Get in touch with @hagenburger on Twitter or open an issue.