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A baseline grid for the web. Based on an original concept from 2014.


I stopped working on it as it got too complex. While this was a technical problem, I still like the concept. I also like readme driven development. So here’s my idea, maybe I’ll use it to rewrite the gem. The original version is still available in the master branch.



Technical Implementation

There’s a nice post on aligning Sass to the baseline grid by @razvanonofrei. It builds a traditional baseline grid. It can be adopted our needs easily. Three things are missing:

  • Margins (the current implementation makes it impossible)
  • The red grid in the visualisation above
  • The right cap height

The first two issues can be solved, the second one is hard work each time. So it would be nice to have the data collected in a gem—easily extendable by pull requests.

The API could look like:

$redgreengrid: (
  base-font-size: 14px,
  base-line-height: 1.5

.example {
  @include font(helvetica-neue, 14px);


Let me know your feedback on my Twitter account or just open an issue.