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puredata (libpd) for unity mobile (ios,android)

Kalimba is a puredata (libpd) binding for Unity, mainly targeting mobile platforms (Unity's iOS, Android export). For testing and debugging purpose it is possible to connect via tcp and use pd during "editor-play" mode.


  • Android, iOS: vanilla libpd
  • Android: on-the-fly extraction from apk file (eg. content from StreamingAssets/pd)
  • Android: ogg streaming/playback
  • Android: midi parsing (cyclone)

Example usage

public class AudioTest : MonoBehaviour
	void Start ()
		KalimbaPd.OpenFile("kalimbaTest.pd", "pd");

	void OnGUI ()
		if (GUI.Button (new Rect (10, 10, 100, 50), "sine_on")) 

How to use

  • The directory "unity3d" contains a example project containing a simple pd file and some unity gui buttons to control pd.
  • "ios-libpd" contains all the iOS specific source code. There is a README.txt in this directory that explains how to add it to our xcode project.
  • "android-libpd" contains all necessary files to build pd jni for Android.
  • "android-exampleapp" contains all necessary files to build the custom Unity-Android activity.

Known issues

  • latency issue on Android
  • missing ogg streaming and midi parsing on iOS
  • missing automatic workflow to add files (eg. pd, ogg) from Unity to XCode project

Thanks to

  • puredata & community - For creating a great tool.
  • dreamfab - For funding and publishing Tridek which is the first game that will use kalimba.
  • Bit Barons & Filippo Beck Peccoz - For being willing to create a game with real interactive audio.


Same license (bsd like) as pd and pd related things.

Kalimba specific links

Software/Games using kalimba

General puredata links