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New Super Meat Boy

Made for #migjam9

Kongregate Link: http://www.kongregate.com/games/dbltnk/new-super-meat-boy

== Disclaimer == This game is a homage to Super Meat Boy. It was not made by Team Meat. It was made by seven guys in less than one day. It’s buggy, it’s unpolished, it’s unfinished. Still: Enjoy. =D

== About the game == This game is to Super Meat Boy what New Super Marios Bros was to Super Mario Bros; a multiplayer re-imagination of the game in 2.5D. We created the game from scratch in Unity. You can find the source code on Github – it’s under the MIT license. If you want to re-use any of the assets, just contact us at http://www.munichindie.com.

== Credits == This game was made in 24 hours on April 22nd and 23rd 2011 by Sebastian Dorda & Pascal Kohl & Johannes Stein & Robert Noll & Maximilian Eham & Robin Kocaurek & Alexander Zacherl.

More about our game jam games can be found under http://www.munichindie.com/.

Super Meat Boy is a product of Team Meat which we have absolutely nothing to do with. No animals were harmed in the production of this game.

Music by Filippo Beck Peccoz ( http://fbpsound.bandcamp.com/track/serious-business ) and Inverse Phase ( http://dbsoundworks.bandcamp.com/track/boss-burger-n-chips-remix ).

== License == code - MIT License gfx - CC-BY-SA : http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/de/ sound - see links above

NOTE: The gfx is currently not included in this repository. But we planned including it.