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hagistack is a set of scripts to quickly deploy an OpenStack cloud.

And hagistack?

  • To easy install OpenStack environments in a clean Ubuntu13.04
  • However, it does not install also Qauntum Swift.

Read more at http://


  • When you install the OS, please create a LVM named cinder-volumes.
  • IP address must have been fixed.
  • Please do not create the bridge interfaces.


The hagistack master branch generally points to Grizzly versions of OpenStack components.

Install Openstack

Installing in a dedicated disposable vm is safer than installing on your dev machine! To start a dev cloud:

bash ./


The Prepare two NIC If you want to do also install the Quantum

bash ./


If you want to do also install the Quantum (Number of necessary NIC 1)

bash ./

When the script finishes executing, you should be able to access OpenStack endpoints, like so:

  • Horizon: http://$NOVA_CONTROLLER_IP/horizon

If you want to use OpenStackAPI

# source keystonerc file to load your environment with osapi and ec2 creds
# However, it is set to /etc/bashrc
. /home/$STACK_USER/keystonerc
# list instances
nova list


You can override environment variables used in by creating file name stack.env.

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