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πŸ” πŸ“„ Extensive Nextion .zi font format documentation, file parser, font generator and simple font editor.
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Nextion Font Suite

A collection of tools to work with Nextion Fonts.


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@jyberg Font generator #2
@fvanroie .ZI v5/v6 support #7


Prioritized tasks

  • Reverse engineering of the new Nextion font format (v5/v6)
  • Support for anti-aliased and variable width fonts (v5/v6)

Less prioritized tasks

  • Reverse engineering of the Nextion font format version 3 for Nextion Editor V0.53
  • Font Viewer
  • Font Editor
  • Font generator
  • Support for most code pages supported by Nextion Editor
    • ASCII
    • ISO-8859-1
    • Others

Sample screenshot of the "Font Editor"-tool previewing the $ character from the Arial_40_ascii.zi file.

Sample screenshot of the "Font Preview"-tool previewing the Arial_40_ascii.zi file.

Nextion .ZI Font Format Specification

ZI version 3 specification

A mostly complete reverse engineered specification of the Nextion font format (ZI version 3), can be found here:

ZI version 3 specification

ZI version 5 specification

I recently started reverse engineering the new ZI file format version 5 used in TJCs USART HMI editor version 0.55. ZI version 5 supports variable width fonts and antialiasing. This specification is very much a work in progress. Feel free to contribute.

ZI version 5 specification (❗ Work in progress ❗)

TJCs USART HMI English Patch

If you want to try the new font features and have a TJC panel, you can use this patch to run USART HMI in english.

TJCs USART HMI English Patch

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