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Light field geometry estimator
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Plenoptisign is an open-source app for geometry estimation of a light field captured by a Standard Plenoptic Camera (SPC). This software treats a pair of light field rays as a system of linear functions whose solution yields ray intersections indicating distances to refocused object planes or virtual camera positions of perspective views (so-called sub-aperture images).

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GUI-based executable

  • Installation:
    1. download as an app (for macOS and Windows only)
    2. extract the archive to obtain the executable
  • Usage:
    run extracted app (for macOS and Windows only)



Insightful description of the parameter terminology can be found in the author's publications:

If you find this work helpful for your research, please cite as appropriate.

Command-line interface

  • Installation:
    1. download the source using $ git clone
    2. go to the root directory $ cd plenoptisign
    3. install with $ python install from the root directory
  • Usage:

    run $ plenoptisign from the command line with optional arguments

    • -g, --gui: open graphical user interface
    • -p, --plot: plot paraxial rays
    • -r, --refo: refocusing results only
    • -t, --tria: triangulation results only
    • -h, --help: print help message

    unit testing: $ python plenoptisign/tests/ -v

CGI server

  • Installation:
    1. download the source

    2. place extracted plenoptisign-master folder on the ftp next to your *.html that you want to embed it in

    3. rename plenoptisign-master to plenoptisign

    4. include cgi.html into your *.html with includeCGI as the id of the desired div container

      <div id="includeCGI"></div>
    5. give sufficient permission (chmod 750) to the file plenoptisign/plenoptisign/bin/

  • Usage:

    website demo:

Tested on macOS 10.14.2 and Windows 10 w/ Python 2.7 & Python 3.6



Christopher Hahne


under Grant EU-FP7 ICT-2010-248420 Institute for Research in Applicable Computing (IRAC)

Further information

  • check out Plenoptisign's partner project Plenopticam capable of rendering light field images from scratch.
  • visit for technical details, animated figures and theoretical background
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