Skype Adapter for Hubot written in Ruby using SkypeKit
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Hubot Adapter for Skype written in Ruby


  • You must have access to the Skype Developer SDK for this to work. Note that the Skype Developer SDK costs $5 (one-time fee) to attain. This adapter for Hubot is open-source, and is MIT-licensed, but the Skype SDK is not. Please refer to the Skype SDK license for futher information.

  • Due credit goes out to Dominick D'Aniello for his work on the hubot-skype adapter. This project was inspired by his work, but is written in Ruby using libskypekit and the skypekit gem.



  1. Acquire the SkypeKit SDK (as of this writing, the current version of the SDK is 4.2)

  2. Acquire the Skype Runtime application (also from the Skype Developer site)

  3. Acquire a keypair from Skype for development (also from the Skype Developer site)

  4. SkypeKit SDK

    • Compiling requires CMake. If you are on OS X, you can use Homebrew to install it.
    • Run in $SDK_DIR/interfaces/skype/cpp_embedded
    • Consult the Skype SDK documentation for further details if you are having issues.
  5. libskypekit

    • git clone
    • Compile: DEBUG=1 SKYPEKIT_SDK=$SDK_DIR ./
    • Install:
      • sudo ./
    • Consult the libskypekit page if you have any issues.
  6. Include hubot-skype as part of your Hubot's package.json dependencies:

    • "hubot-skype": "git+ssh://"
  7. Run npm install for Hubot.

  8. Configuration

    • Setting up Skype username and password (this step will be improved in the future)
      • In the src/skype.rb file, find this line: $skype.login(skype_username, skype_password)
      • Set the skype_username variable to the desired value
      • Set the skype_password variable to the desired value
    • Move your Skype Developer keypair to the skype-hubot folder
      • The keypair.cer file should be at the same level as the src folder.
  9. skypekit gem

    • gem install skypekit
    • NOTE: if you are using an older version of the skypekit gem for whatever reason (< v0.0.2), you'll have to make a symlink to the dylib.
      • On my machine, it looked like: ln -s /usr/local/lib/libskypekit.1.dylib /usr/local/lib/
  10. Redis

    • gem install redis


  1. Start up your Skype runtime
  2. Start up Hubot with the Skype adapter
    • Make sure Redis is running
    • $HUBOT_DIR/bin/hubot -a skype


  • Howard Huang


  • Copyright (c) 2012 Howard Huang
  • MIT