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Peer-to-peer soundscape mixer for online tabletop games
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A peer-to-peer sound mixing board that runs (almost*) entirely in the browser. Intended usage is for online tabletop (e.g. D&D and Pathfinder) sessions in which the DM wants to create soundscapes for their players. This can be downloaded and run as-is (although join links will not work; joining will have to be done via ID). Alternatively, you can use the hosted version here.

* A server is used to broker connections between users. By default, this uses the PeerJS official PeerServer


One user hosts a session, and other users can connect. Once connected, the host can add sounds (e.g. from a YouTube video link), and the connected users will hear the sounds as well. Multiple sounds can be added with their own volume controls.

Current Features

  • Adding sounds via Youtube or direct links to sound files
  • Volume mixing
  • Peer-to-peer connection (via PeerJS)
  • Easy joining via generated link
  • Renamable tracks for organization
  • Cool backgrounds B)

Planned Features

In order of priority:

  • Synchronization
  • Pause/Play
  • Seeking
  • Playlist feature for music
  • Saving and loading preset soundscapes
  • Default presets (with quick links to load them)
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