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Home Automation Ideas

I love Home Automation, but it's not always easy to come up with automation ideas that you can implement. You can do some searches and dig through posts to find what other people have implemented, and that works great, but I wanted to see if it would be worth getting a central idea r

This repository is nothing more than a list of Home Automation ideas, in order to spark ideas

can be used to give you ideas on what to automate at home.

You can always find the current version of HA Ideas by visiting

I realize there's probably a better structure long-term, so this list will evolve as time goes on.


  • Setup a bedtime switch that will turn off the living room television and lights, and turn on the bedroom TV and lamp
  • Turn on/turn off any device at a specified time
  • Post NFC tags in various locations and tap your phone on them to trigger automations


  • Automate your feeding schedule
  • Automate your lighting schedule
  • Check your important smart plugs (filters, heaters) to make sure they're on, and if not, send yourself a notification. You could then keep checking every 30 minutes, and keep notifying you, until you turn the important smart plugs back on.

Heating & Cooling

  • Add a temperature sensor and turn your heaters, air conditioners, etc., off and on as the temperature changes
  • Add a humidity sensor and turn your dehumidifier off and on as the humidity changes


  • Slowly dim the lights as it gets closer to bedtime
  • Create a migraine kill switch that turns off all lights


  • Keeping your battery between 40% and 80% improves its long-term health. At 40% turn your phone charger's smart plug on and send yourself a notification to plug your phone in, at 80% turn your phone charger's smart plug off.


  • Automate your lighting schedule
  • Moisture sensors to tell you when your plants need watering

Presence Detection

  • Setup a "Home Zone" around your house and trigger automations when you leave or enter it
  • Setup a motion sensor just inside your front door, so when you get home and open your door, the sensor triggers an automation
  • Run automations when you get into or out of bed
  • Turn on the bathroom light when you walk past a hallway sensor between midnight and 5am
  • Open your garage door when you get home

Robot Vacuum

  • Set your vacuum up on a daily schedule for general cleaning
  • Set your vacuum up on a weekly schedule for more thorough cleaning


  • Setup a "Theater" automation that you can trigger when you want to watch a movie, that turns the TV on, turns the sound up, turns your living room lights down, etc.


  • If it's raining, send yourself a notification so you remember to bring an umbrella


  • Close windows if the outside air quality drops below a certain level


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