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== Welcome to Meetr
This projects is mainly focused to provide a basic organization tools
for doing meetups or conferences.
You can see a live demo:
- Multiple authentification support (Twitter, Facebook, Google and old fashion
- Rails 3
- Meetup managment
- Submitting talks/presentations
- Voting for presentations
- Timeline
- User profiles with Gravatar support
Postgresql database (but you can use Mysql as well, just don't forget to change
Application registred in Facebook and Twitter
Google API key (look on 'devise' in github for more informations)
git clone meetr
cd meetr
bundle install
rake db:create && rake db:migrate
vim config/devise.rb -> Provide your API keys / etc
rails server
Feel free to fork this site and send pull requests, etc ;-)
This software is licenced under GPLv2.
Michal Fojtik <>