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Acts as Recommended

A simple rails 3 engine to add recommendation functionallity to your application


Add to your Gemfile

gem 'acts_as_recommended'

And just run



First thing we need is the recommendation model himself and we have a generator that creates the model's tables

rails g acts_as_recommended:tables

After that we can add the required fields for our models with another generator

rails g acts_as_recommended:recommendations_for Post

This will add a migration adding the required fields to add recommendations to a certain model.

Then all we simply add this line to our desired model


Now, we can run the migrations and we can already recommend whatever we want!

post = Post.first

bob = User.first
joe = User.last
mary = User.find(100)

post.recommend!( true, bob  )
post.recommend!( 0,    joe  )
post.recommend!( true, mary )

# good minus bad recommendations
post.recommendations # 1

post.recommendations_count # 3

post.good_recommendations # 2
post.bad_recommendations # 1

post.good_recommendations_percent # 66.67
# pass a format optionally
post.bad_recommendations_percent( '%.1f' ) # 33.3

# check if user recommended
post.recommended_by?( bob ) # true
post.recommended_by?( joe ) # true

# get user's recommendation
post.get_recommendation_of( bob ) # true
post.get_recommendation_of( joe ) # false

Note: users can only recommend once, a second recommendation will replace the latter


By default the recommendation must be done by a User model you can customize that with a simple initializer like config/initializers/recommendations.rb

ActsAsRecommended.owner_class = :admin


Want to contribute? Fork, make it, ask for pull request! Found an issue? Use the issues tracker!


Create a simple controller to create/alter recommendations and generators for customization!


Created and mantained by Luiz Felipe Garcia Pereira aka Draiken

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