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Where Consensus is Required

Chaortica values both consensus and action. There is a tension between the two that requires balance. To require consensus for trivial decisions would cause gridlock. To never require consensus would be unmanageable. There is a lot of gray area in between. This agreement will not set any rules on where consensus is required, however we offer the following guidelines.

Does it affect other people?

Only the people affected by a decision need to reach consensus. Roommates do not need permission from the larger community to paint their room. You may (of course) do whatever you like with your own body and space.

Is it easily reversible?

Changes that are easily undone may not require group consensus. Rearranging furniture is ok.

Is it reversing a decision that has already been agreed on?

Decisions made by consensus will require consensus to unmake. Please especially do not violate our lease.

For how long will it affect people?

Changes that only affect the community for a brief period of time may not require consensus. You may, for example, redecorate our shared space for a one night event.

Does it affect people in a significant way?

Please use your own common sense.

Does it cost the community money?

Any large purchases made with the community’s funds requires consensus. Small purchases require sign off from at least one other member.

Is it a repair or improvement to something already in place?

Please always feel empowered to repair broken things and improve our home.