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Welcome to Chaortica! You are joining an intentional community, which means there are some expectations that the community will place on you to uphold. Eventually you will have the opportunity to revise this document, just as you will have the opportunity to shape all parts of our physical and cultural space, In the meantime though, we ask that you sign an interim set of agreements that will last until we can reach that consensus about any revisions. Please read and sign this brief pledge to confirm your status as a member of this community.

The Interim Nature of This Agreement

As Chaortica is a newly forming community, this Membership Pledge serves as an interim agreement between the community and each member to ensure that the most basic tenets of the community are upheld. A primary tenet of the community is the "flatness" of the communal structure, meaning that no one member, once within the community, has any more authority than any other member. As such, all members of Chaortica will work together to develop a more comprehensive membership agreement with house-wide discussions and work on the new Membership Pledge expected to begin no later than May 1, 2016 and finish no later than June 1, 2016. The community is expected to accept this Membership Pledge via consensus and each member is subsequently expected to sign the new Membership Pledge within one week of consensus. The timeline of the creation of this document may be amended by consensus of the community.

Community Structure

The members of Chaortica are expected to ascribe to the communal structure of consensus-based decision making. As such, each individual member should act in good faith to not only uphold this structure in her, his, or their actions within the community, but also actively strive to find points of convergence within decision making deliberations. Inherent in this structure is the "flatness" of decision making, meaning all members of Chaortica hold the same level of decision-making authority. As a part of the consensually formed membership pledge to be completed and signed by June 1, 2016, members are expected to elaborate on this decision-making structure in a way that both upholds the consensus-based model and provides for the long-term efficient functioning of the community.


By joining this community you agree to participate fully to the extent that you are able. Participation includes maintaining the space, cleaning, shared decision making, and supporting community events.

These activities are not limited to but may include:

  • Attending family meetings which will be weekly or bi-weekly at a date and time to be determined

  • Cleaning common spaces and your bedroom

  • Helping to procure shared food for the community

  • Cooking for and with the community

  • House improvements such as building furniture, painting, small repairs

  • Making time and space to communicate with your fellow community members when conflicts arise

  • Accommodating, planning for, and hopefully attending house events such as concerts, art showings, theater performances, communication workshops and discussions

  • Attending or connecting us with activities throughout the city such as camping trips, events at other communities, and artistic events.

Temporary Judicial Structure

For the purposes of protecting our community, the community reserves the right to remove, within the bounds of the law, any community member by vote of consensus less the member in question. In a community of thirteen people, if the status of one member is in question, the twelve remaining members must agree to remove said member in order for a removal to take effect. The removed member will have 30 days vacate the premises.

I understand that I am expected to uphold both the explicit and implicit values of this Pledge to the best of my ability while a member of this community. I also understand that this Membership Pledge is interim in nature, and I am expected to sign the new Membership Pledge upon its communal creation, of which I will be a part. I understand that maintaining healthy communication, contributing to the cleanliness of the community, and upholding the financial obligations of a subtenant as described within this Membership Packet are requirements for being a good-standing member of Chaortica

Let's do this!

Name:_________________________ Signature:____________________________ Date: _____________


Base Rent


Late Payment


Monthly Membership Fee


Additional Costs from Vacancies

The base rent given above assumes full occupancy. Starting in May 2016, In a month with partial or full vacancy, this additional cost will be divided equally among occupants.

Repayment for Initial Furnishing Costs

A certain portion of each membership fee will be used to repay the founders’ initial furnishing investments, such that each member providing furnishing funds will be reimbursed for all costs except their own individual portion of the initial furnishing cost (1/13 of costs).

Last Month as Deposit

Prior to move-in, joining members will pay, in addition to first month’s base rent and membership fee, an amount equivalent one month’s base rent. This money will be held in Chaortica’s joint bank account and will be credited toward the member’s final month in the community, assuming that adequate notice has been given to the community regarding the departure of the member. Failure to provide adequate notice may result in forfeiture of the deposit amount, at the discretion of the community. Adequate notice is considered to be 30 days prior to the first day of the first calendar month after the member’s departure. For example, if a member were to desire to move out of the community on June 30th, then the latest adequate notice would be considered June 1st.

Member agrees that if they use a service to pay by credit or debit card that all fees incurred for the service are payable by member.


Signature: ______________________________ Date: _________________