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Chaortica Sublease Agreement

This Sublease Agreement (the "Sublease Agreement" and/or "Agreement") is made effective as of ______________, by and between PERSON, OTHER PERSON, and BONUS PERSON ("Tenant"), and __________________ ("Subtenant"). Tenant and Subtenant shall sometimes herein be collectively referred to as "the Parties" to this Sublease Agreement and individually as a "Party" to the Agreement. Tenant has previously entered into a lease agreement with United Property Services ("Landlords") with the effective date of April 01, 2016 for __________. The Tenant now desires to sublet the leased property to the Subtenant, and the Subtenant desires to sublet the leased property from the Tenant. Therefore, the Parties agree as follows:


Tenant, in consideration of the sublease payments provided in this Agreement, sublets to Subtenant one (1) single-occupancy bed in an assigned shared room at either at ____________ ("Chaortica"), as shall be delineated in the following paragraph as Subtenant's Dwelling Unit.

Subtenant, as a dues-paying member of Chaortica, shall have reasonable access rights to all shared spaces in Subtenant's Dwelling Unit.

Throughout this Agreement Chaortica and any and all Other Locations shall sometimes individually and/or collectively be referred to as the "Premises" for purposes of this Agreement and the Membership Pack of which this Agreement is a part.

For purposes of this Agreement and the Membership Pack of which this Agreement is a part, shared spaces at Chaortica are defined as assigned bathrooms, front patio, rear patio, foyer, hallways, kitchen, living room, dining room, basement workshop/living area, backyard.

For purposes of this Agreement and the Membership Pack of which this Agreement is a part, reasonable access is defined as Subtenant's right to access shared spaces as long as the use of such spaces do not violate any other member's or neighbor's right to quiet use and enjoyment of their property according to nuisance laws that govern the Community as defined hereinbelow and the neighborhood in which any applicable location on the Premises is located.


Subtenant shall be subleasing the following dwelling unit ("Subtenant's Dwelling Unit") from Tenant. Indicate only one selection for Configuration (as assigned below at the date of signature), then initial or sign where indicated to acknowledge and agree to the Fee Schedule, which is incorporated herein by reference and is also a part of the Membership Pack of which this Agreement is a part):

Location: ___

Configuration: ___ 2-person ___ 3-person ___ Semi-Private

Fee Schedule: [________________] I hereby acknowledge and agree to the Fee Schedule.


The term of this Sublease (the "Term") will begin on April 1, 2016 and will continue on a month-to-month basis until terminated. Subtenant shall give Tenant no less than thirty (30) days prior written notice before terminating this Sublease, at which time the lease shall be considered terminated as of the last day of the following month. Subtenant acknowledges that vacating Subtenant's Dwelling Unit prior to the last day of the following month after giving notice shall not entitle Subtenant to any reduction in rent for that last month. In the event Subtenant gives Tenant less than thirty (30) days prior written notice of Subtenant's intent to terminate this Sublease, Tenant shall still be entitled to collect the following month's rent payment in full from Subtenant, and this is true whether or not Subtenant remains in possession of the Premises for the entire month or for any part of it. Subtenant acknowledges the intent of this provision is to protect Chaortica from sudden or unexpected vacancies. Subtenant shall be entitled to possession on the first day of the Term, and shall yield possession on the last day of the Term by returning all items of property of the house, keys (if any) and deleting key codes if any from Subtenant's possession upon vacating the Premises.


Subtenant shall pay to Tenant sublease payments according to the amounts set forth in the Fee Schedule for the Subtenant's Dwelling Unit as indicated hereinabove, payable no less than 5 business days before the first day of each month for which a sublease payment is due, for a monthly sublease payment of ____________ plus monthly membership dues of $350 as well as shared costs arising from vacancy. Tolerance regarding possible delays on the payment of sublease payments by Subtenant shall not configure renounce of any rights by the Tenants. The right of tolerating delays of the sublease payments by Subtenants can be exercised exclusively as Tenant’s discretion Any payments received on or after the 1st day of the calendar month are deemed late and subject to $50 late fee. Late payment is grounds for cancellation of membership and tenancy. Sublease payments shall be sent to __________ if paying by check (made out to ""), or made electronically to Chaortica.


Prior to move-in, joining members will pay, in addition to first month’s base rent and membership fee, an amount equivalent one month’s base rent. This money will be held in Chaortica’s joint bank account and will be credited toward the member’s final month in the community, assuming that adequate notice has been given to the community regarding the departure of the member. Failure to provide adequate notice may result in forfeiture of the deposit amount, at the discretion of the community. Adequate notice is considered to be 30 days prior to the first day of the first calendar month after the member’s departure. For example, if a member were to desire to move out of the community on June 30th, then the latest adequate notice would be considered June 1st. Even with adequate notice, the deposit may also be held and disbursed for Subtenant damages to the Premises if any, and/or other defaults under this Sublease (if any) as provided by law. If Subtenant has already paid the Membership Deposit as set forth in Subtenant's Letter of Intent to Become a New Member of Chaortica, which is part of the Membership Pack, then Tenant hereby acknowledges prior or concurrent receipt of Subtenant's Membership Deposit.


Notices under this Sublease shall be sent to the following email addresses listed by Tenant below. In the case of notices sent by Subtenant to Tenants, notices shall not be deemed valid unless sent by email to all of the members of Chaortica ( and/or unless given or served in writing and forwarded by U.S. mail, postage prepaid, addressed as follows to all Tenants:






Email Address for Notices to Subtenant: ______________________________

Tenant addresses may be changed from time to time by any Leaseholders by providing notice to subtenant as described above.


This Sublease shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California. Venue for any dispute arising out of or related to this Sublease Agreement shall be located in San Francisco, California.


This Agreement incorporates by reference all the documents in the Chaortica Membership Pack. Subtenant and Tenant acknowledge and agree that any and all documents comprising the Chaortica Membership Pack ("Membership Pack") shall be signed and dated by all Parties.


Tenant agrees to be a good-standing, and on time dues-paying subtenant of Chaortica. If at any time Subtenant fails to comply with the terms and conditions of the Membership Pack, then Subtenant shall be deemed to be in breach of the terms of this Sublease and Subtenant hereby agrees that any such deemed breach shal