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MostCoupon developer guideline

Environments, domains, Git, Github

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Coding conventions

Programmers contributing to this project should follow a few simple code conventions to increase code readability and maintainability.


In Eclipse go to Window->Preferences->PHP->Code Style->Formatter and alter the properties as follows:

  • Tab policy: Spaces

  • Indentation size: 4

  • Tab size: 4

  • Default indentation for wrapped lines: 1

  • Default indentation for array initializers: 1

Control Structures

Always use curly brackets in control structures, even if they are not needed. They increase the readability of the code, and they give you fewer logical errors.

if ((expr_1) || (expr_2)) {
    // action_1;
} elseif (!(expr_3) && (expr_4)) {
    // action_2;
} else {
    // default_action;


Always use spaces before and after operators.

   $var1 = ($var2 + $var3) / 6;
   $arr1 = array('key' => 'value');


Use PHP5`s private and protected keywords (public, protected, private). Additionally, protected method or variable names start with a single underscore ("_").

class Test {
   private $_foo;

   protected function _bar() {

   public function baz(Test $other) {

Naming convention


Write all functions in camelBack:

   public function longFunctionName() {


Class names should be written in CamelCase, for example:

   class ExampleClass {


Variable names should be as descriptive as possible and should be written in camelBack in case of multiple words.

   $user = 'John';
   $listOfUsers = array('John', 'Hans', 'Arne');

This code convetions are inspired by the CakePHP coding conventions.

Documentation and comments

All comments and documentation should be written in English, and should in a clear way describe the commented block of code.

Each method should be documented, at least with a short phrase. Documentation should use the PhpDoc syntax:

    * Foo function
   public function foo() {

Dependencies / libraries

Third party dependencies are managed through Composer. To add a dependency find the package on Packagist and add it to api/app/composer.json or frontend/app/composer.json.

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