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Pre-rendered portfolio websites for Haiiro Haiji / Namika Hamasaki.

Setup / Update installed packages

With Node v12

$ npm i


Run as English locale

$ npm run dev

Then open localhost:8000 in your browser.

Run as Japanese locale

$ npm run dev:ja

Directory/File structure for the content writer

Add content

  1. Create new markdown file to under /contents/works/:locale
  • file name is used for URL. e.g. /contents/works/ja/ -> https://domain/works/mazarashi
  1. Add filename to orderedWorks Array on /nuxt.config.js
  • This data is used for index page's list and configured as pre-rendering target

Markdown format

Sample /contents/works/en/

title: Amazarashi Music Video
year: 2015
owner: Sony Music Entertainment
role: UI Design
  - pokemon-go
  - googleplay-game-effect
  - laughly
  - "#34393d"
  - "#263228"
  - "#555c6f"
  - "#797979"
  - "#a40505"
  - "#686868"
description: |
  Amazarashi is a Japanese rock band that continues to question modern society through its songs. I designed a user interface for their music video during my period at SIX, creative agency in Tokyo, Japan.

Show multimedia files

  1. Put the file to /static/images/works/[work name] as something.png
  2. Call with <work-media> custom element in the markdown file for same work
  • <work-media name="something.png"> (don't need "work name" part)
  • If you put mp4, rendered with video player automatically 😉
  • If you put the URL of, rendered as embed player of YouTube


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