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Properly licensed firmware images used in Haiku
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Firmware binaries

This repo contains u-boot and other firmware binaries for use by Haiku and other operating systems.

Notice: Licenses are strictly followed in this repository. Any binaries must have a documented source location if the license requires it.


  • arm - ARMv7 firmwares and u-boot artifacts.
  • arm64 - ARMv8 firmwares and u-boot artifacts.


To rebuild the u-boot sources:

  • Place the architecture's cross compiler binaries into your PATH
  • From the root, run ./tools/build <arch>
  • manifest.json is updated by hand to reflect what is needed for each board.

Manifest Format

manifest.json defines each SOC and what files are required to make an SD card bootable.

  • arch - Target architecture
  • id - board identification (should match directory name)
  • soc - Name of ARM SOC
  • name - Pretty name of board
  • files - Files to place on the initial FAT32 boot partition
    • If the file url begins with a number, this is the offset it gets written to the disk device at.
    • Example: 8192,
      • dd if=blah.bin of=/sdcard bs=1024 seek=8


GPLv2 License

This repository contains sources and binaries from u-boot which are licensed under GPLv2.

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