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* Introduced a new flag for preventing load_dependencies() to be run a

  second time for already loaded libraries, when a library/add-on is
* image_t features now both, a path and a name. The name is the DT_SONAME,
  if present, the leaf name otherwise.
* Modified find_image() to compare both path and name, if necessary.
  Added a type mask parameter to specify what image types one is
* Refactored open_container(). We now also support DT_RPATH, a dependency
  search path list that can be specified for the dependencies of a shared
* Extended [un]load_library() to support add-ons.

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weinhold committed Mar 11, 2005
1 parent 0b4af91 commit 2d890ffaa22db3e09cfe138b75218adcd1dfdf3a
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  1. +245 −108 src/kernel/apps/rld/rldelf.c

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