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Haiku infrastructure as code
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data gerrit/hooks: Fix all the things Aug 6, 2019
docker docker/general-worker: Add minioclient for artifact uploads Aug 16, 2019
docs docs/services/traefik: Add some documentation on Traefik. It's import… Jul 1, 2019
playground playground: Add notes in README, move swarm to playground Aug 19, 2019
server keys: Update sshutility and server key inventory Jun 11, 2019
tools tools: adjust nightly to only 200 continious hrevs Jul 28, 2019
.env docker-compose: allow overriding Traefik's base configuration. Jun 30, 2018 HISTORY: A few small corrections Mar 7, 2019
Makefile swarm: Continue building out infra Jul 2, 2019
docker-compose.yaml concourse: Add missing concourse_keys volume Jul 18, 2019

Infrastructure as code

Treating Haiku's infrastructure as cattle instead of kittens since 2017.

Docker Workflow


  • docker - Docker manifests to build and deploy containers
  • data - Static, git tracked files which can be bind in containers.
  • playground - Things that we're experimenting with. Not used in production.
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