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Add CSS3 syntax support to vim's built-in `syntax/css.vim`.
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Add CSS3 syntax support to vim's built-in syntax/css.vim.


Download from GitHub, extract vim-css3-syntax.tar.gz, and copy contents to ~/.vim directory.

Git and pathogen

$ cd ~/.vim/bundle
$ git clone

With HTML file

Create ~/.vim/after/syntax/html.vim and write these line:

syn include @htmlCss syntax/css/html5-elements.vim
syn include @htmlCss syntax/css/css3-animations.vim
syn include @htmlCss syntax/css/css3-background.vim
syn include @htmlCss syntax/css/css3-box.vim
syn include @htmlCss syntax/css/css3-break.vim
syn include @htmlCss syntax/css/css3-colors.vim
syn include @htmlCss syntax/css/css3-content.vim
syn include @htmlCss syntax/css/css3-exclusions.vim
syn include @htmlCss syntax/css/css3-flexbox.vim
syn include @htmlCss syntax/css/css3-gcpm.vim
syn include @htmlCss syntax/css/css3-grid-layout.vim
syn include @htmlCss syntax/css/css3-hyperlinks.vim
syn include @htmlCss syntax/css/css3-images.vim
syn include @htmlCss syntax/css/css3-layout.vim
syn include @htmlCss syntax/css/css3-linebox.vim
syn include @htmlCss syntax/css/css3-lists.vim
syn include @htmlCss syntax/css/css3-marquee.vim
" syn include @htmlCss syntax/css/css3-mediaqueries.vim
syn include @htmlCss syntax/css/css3-multicol.vim
syn include @htmlCss syntax/css/css3-preslev.vim
syn include @htmlCss syntax/css/css3-regions.vim
syn include @htmlCss syntax/css/css3-ruby.vim
syn include @htmlCss syntax/css/css3-selectors.vim
syn include @htmlCss syntax/css/css3-text.vim
syn include @htmlCss syntax/css/css3-transforms.vim
syn include @htmlCss syntax/css/css3-transitions.vim
syn include @htmlCss syntax/css/css3-ui.vim
syn include @htmlCss syntax/css/css3-values.vim
syn include @htmlCss syntax/css/css3-writing-modes.vim

With SCSS (Sassy CSS) file

Create ~/.vim/after/syntax/scss.vim and write these lines:

runtime! syntax/css/html5-elements.vim
runtime! syntax/css/css3-animations.vim
runtime! syntax/css/css3-background.vim
runtime! syntax/css/css3-box.vim
runtime! syntax/css/css3-break.vim
runtime! syntax/css/css3-colors.vim
runtime! syntax/css/css3-content.vim
runtime! syntax/css/css3-exclusions.vim
runtime! syntax/css/css3-flexbox.vim
runtime! syntax/css/css3-gcpm.vim
runtime! syntax/css/css3-grid-layout.vim
runtime! syntax/css/css3-hyperlinks.vim
runtime! syntax/css/css3-images.vim
runtime! syntax/css/css3-layout.vim
runtime! syntax/css/css3-linebox.vim
runtime! syntax/css/css3-lists.vim
runtime! syntax/css/css3-marquee.vim
" runtime! syntax/css/css3-mediaqueries.vim
runtime! syntax/css/css3-multicol.vim
runtime! syntax/css/css3-preslev.vim
runtime! syntax/css/css3-regions.vim
runtime! syntax/css/css3-ruby.vim
runtime! syntax/css/css3-selectors.vim
runtime! syntax/css/css3-text.vim
runtime! syntax/css/css3-transforms.vim
runtime! syntax/css/css3-transitions.vim
runtime! syntax/css/css3-ui.vim
runtime! syntax/css/css3-values.vim
runtime! syntax/css/css3-writing-modes.vim

About Vendor Extension

I do not hava a plan to support a CSS 3 property (and function) with vendor extension, such as -webkit- or -moz-, etc.. These are hard to maintain because:

  • Added frequently
  • Changed unexpectedly
  • Removed silently

These must be supported by seperate syntax plugin. Or, if you want to highlight prefixed properties or functions, :highlight and :match would help.

:highlight VendorPrefix guifg=#00ffff gui=bold
:match VendorPrefix /-\(moz\|webkit\|o\|ms\)-[a-zA-Z-]\+/

These commands highlight vendor prefixed properties and functions instantly with cyan and bold (on gVim).



  • Add Test
  • Remove deprecated CSS Grid Positioning Module
  • Follow spec updates
  • Some minor bug fixes


  • Add CSS Regions Module Level 3 features
  • Add CSS Exclusions and Shapes Module Level 3 features
  • Add CSS Grid Layout features
  • Add CSS Box Alignment features
  • Add gr unit
  • Follow spec updates
  • Some minor bug fixes


  • Add CSS Fragmentation Module Level 3 features
  • Fix a problem on pseudo-class and pseudo-element names inside @media block
  • Fix a problem on media type and expression
  • Add CSS Values and Units Module Level 3 features
  • Follow spec updates
  • Some minor bug fixes


  • Add CSS3 Presentation Levels Module features
  • Add CSS3 Lists Module features
  • Add CSS3 Generated and Replaced Content Module features
  • Add CSS Template Layout Module features
  • Add CSS Image Values and Replaced Content Module Level 3 features
  • Fix a problem on class names inside @media block
  • Some minor bug fixes


  • Almost all CSS3 features added


  • Initial release


Kyo Namegashima



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