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DOS Subsystem for Linux

A WSL alternative for users who prefer an MS-DOS environment. DOS Subsystem for Linux integrates a real Linux environment into MS-DOS systems, allowing users to make use of both DOS and Linux applications from the DOS command prompt.


  • You will need a cross toolchain targeting i386-linux-musl on PATH. is a tool that can build one for you with minimal hassle. Set TARGET to i386-linux-musl.

  • Build the prequisites (Linux and Busybox) by running J=xxx script/build-prereq, replacing xxx with the desired build parallelism.

  • You will need a hard drive image hdd.base.img with an installed copy of MS-DOS on the first partition.

  • Run make

    This will produce a new hard drive image hdd.img with DOS Subsystem for Linux installed. Invoke C:\doslinux\dsl <command> to run Linux commands. C:\doslinux can also be placed on your DOS PATH for greater convenience.