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* Description: simple read only ini parser
* History:, 2013/06/13, create
# pragma once
# include <stdint.h>
# include <stdbool.h>
# include <netinet/in.h>
struct ini_arg
char *name;
char *value;
struct ini_arg *next;
struct ini_section
char *name;
struct ini_arg *args;
struct ini_section *next;
typedef struct ini_section ini_t;
* Feature:
* 1: If a property name declared befor any section is declared, it
* is in a "global" section. If the ini_read_* function argument
* section is empty string or NULL, they will find the property
* name in the "global" section.
* 2: There is no technical LIMIT on the length of section name or
* property name or value, or the num of sections and properties,
* the limit is the size of memory.
* 3: There is no special limit on the name of section and property.
* Note that the surround whitespace of the name of section and
* property and value is ignored, but they can contian whitespace.
* Note that the name of section and property are case insensitivity.
* 4: Blank line is ignored.
* 5: Lines beginning with '#' or ';' are ignored and may be used to
* provide comments.
* 6: The second occurrence of a property name in the same section
* overwrite the previous one. The section occurrence of a section
* is joined whih the previous one.
* 7: If a line end with '\', where a backslash followed immediately
* by EOL (end-of-line) causes the line break to be ignored, and
* the "logical line" to be continued on the next actual line from
* the INI file. Example:
* name = simple read only ini parser
* is the same with:
* name = simple \
* read only \
* ini parser
* Load a ini config file to memory, return NULL if fail.
ini_t *ini_load(char *path);
* Return value:
* If the combination of section and name found in config file, return 0.
* Return 1 if not found, the *value will be the default_value.
* Fail return -1;
* Read string from ini config handler.
* The string is allocated using malloc, so, you need free it after use.
int ini_read_str(ini_t *handler,
char *section, char *name, char **value, char *default_value);
* Read string from ini config handler.
* If the real length of value is greater than or equal to n, n - 1
* characters and a null terminator will be copied to value, else
* the remainder of value pads with null bytes.
int ini_read_strn(ini_t *handler,
char *section, char *name, char *value, size_t n, char *default_value);
* Read int or unsigned int or stdint from ini config handler.
* Support octal or hexadecimal base ("0" or "0x"/"0X" respectively).
int ini_read_int(ini_t *handler,
char *section, char *name, int *value, int default_value);
int ini_read_unsigned(ini_t *handler,
char *section, char *name, unsigned *value, unsigned default_value);
int ini_read_int8(ini_t *handler,
char *section, char *name, int8_t *value, int8_t default_value);
int ini_read_uint8(ini_t *handler,
char *section, char *name, uint8_t *value, uint8_t default_value);
int ini_read_int16(ini_t *handler,
char *section, char *name, int16_t *value, int16_t default_value);
int ini_read_uint16(ini_t *handler,
char *section, char *name, uint16_t *value, uint16_t default_value);
int ini_read_int32(ini_t *handler,
char *section, char *name, int32_t *value, int32_t default_value);
int ini_read_uint32(ini_t *handler,
char *section, char *name, uint32_t *value, uint32_t default_value);
int ini_read_int64(ini_t *handler,
char *section, char *name, int64_t *value, int64_t default_value);
int ini_read_uint64(ini_t *handler,
char *section, char *name, uint64_t *value, uint64_t default_value);
* Read float/double from ini config handler.
int ini_read_float(ini_t *handler,
char *section, char *name, float *value, float default_value);
int ini_read_double(ini_t *handler,
char *section, char *name, double *value, double default_value);
* Read a ipv4 addr such as: or 8080
int ini_read_ipv4_addr(ini_t *handler,
char *section, char *name, struct sockaddr_in *addr, char *default_value);
* Read a bool from ini config handler. The value in the ini config file can be
* "true" or "false", the case are ignored.
int ini_read_bool(ini_t *handler,
char *section, char *name, bool *value, bool default_value);
/* Free a ini config handler */
void ini_free(ini_t *handler);
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