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%% vim: ft=erlang
{lib_dirs, []}.
% == EUnit ==
%% Options for eunit:test()
{eunit_opts, []}.
%% Additional compile options for eunit. erl_opts from above is also used
{eunit_compile_opts, []}.
%% Whether to enable coverage reporting. Default is `false'
{cover_enabled, false}.
%% Whether to print coverage report to console. Default is `false'
{cover_print_enable, false}.
%% == Dependencies ==
%% Where to put any downloaded dependencies. Default is "deps"
{deps_dir, "deps"}.
%% What dependencies we have, dependencies can be of 3 forms, an application
%% name as an atom, eg. mochiweb, a name and a version (from the .app file), or
%% an application name, a version and the SCM details on how to fetch it (SCM
%% type, location and revision). Rebar currently supports git, hg, bzr and svn.
{deps, [{'yaws', ".*", {git, "git://", {branch, "master"}}},
{etest, ".*", {git, "git://"}},