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This is a tag plugin for hexo to support admonition.

Basic usage

Ofcourse, install the plugin first:

npm install --save hexo-tag-admonition

Then in your markdown file:

{% admonition danger Don't do this %}
Hello this is just a test.
This is an another line.
{% endadmonition %}

will turn into something like this:

<div class="admonition danger">
  <p class="admonition-title">Don't do this</p>
  <p>Hello this is just a test.</p>
  <p>This is an another line.</p>

Note: there is no space or newline charater between tags in real implementation.

What does this mean

{% admonition danger Don't do this %} is the open tag. Here admonition is the tag name, danger will be class name being added to the admonition <div>, Don't do this will be the title of the admonition.

{% endadmonition %} is the close tag. It can't be omitted.

Lines between the open and close tag are the contents, contents will be put in admonition <div>, each line wrapped in a single <p>.


Then you can style it with proper css rules. Here is a example using sass.

It is recommended to use at least 3 levels of admonition, for example: note, warning and danger. Each with it's own style.

Also, I think it's good practice to also styling similiar keywords. For example in CSS:

.info, .note {
  color: blue;

.warning, .important {
  color: orange;

.danger, .critical {
  color: red;

Have a look at this codepen.




A hexo tag plugin to support admonition.



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