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Seafile-iOS is a the iOS client for Seafile.

Build and Run

Follow these steps :

git clone
cd seafile-iOS
pod install
open seafilePro.xcworkspace

Then you can run seafile in xcode simulator.

SDK and Integration

The seafile SDK is is under development and the api will be clarified soon. Now, you can use CocoaPods to integrate Seafile in your app.

pod 'Seafile', :git => ''

If it failed with the following error:

target has transitive dependencies that include static binaries

Add the following line to your Podfile.

pre_install do |installer|
    # workaround for
    def installer.verify_no_static_framework_transitive_dependencies; end

Internationalization (I18n)

Please submit translations via Transifex:


  1. Create a free account on Transifex (

  2. Send a request to join the language translation.

  3. After accepted by the project maintainer, then you can upload your file or translate online.