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Manual for Seafile client
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Seafile is an open source cloud storage system with file encryption and group sharing, and emphasis on reliability and high performance.

This repository contains documents for Seafile client.


This manual is licensed under Apache License v2.0.

About this manual

The source of this manual is hosted on Github

How to compile

You can compile the code in this repository into HTML format by the GitBook and deploy it to your own web container.

Install gitbook

The best way to install GitBook is via NPM. At the terminal prompt, simply run the following command to install GitBook:

  • For Ubuntu
apt-get install npm -y
npm install gitbook-cli -g
  • For CentOS
yum install npm -y
npm install gitbook-cli -g

Get the Code

git clone

Build the static website

cd seafile-user-manual
gitbook init
gitbook build # Will generate a '_book' directory in the current directory

Then you can deploy the '_book' as a static website.

Eg: Nginx

cp -r ./_book /var/www/gitbook
# Modified the nginx configuration file: "root /var/www/gitbook;"
# And than
nginx -s reload

Contact information

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