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Webside + Apple IOS are very slow #594

Semmelbroesel24 opened this Issue Apr 21, 2014 · 2 comments

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if a library is big and has a lot of history. I talking about 68GB and 71000 files.
The webside of the server is very slow it takes minutes to open the folder structur.
On Apple IOS it is the same, often it show that he is not able to get the folders in a short time. If i open it again then i show all folders.
The problem is that the server takes a long time to generate the folder structur.
I installed memcached but this helps not really.
Is there a way, that the server index all folders so web and ios are faster? The index should not run first if someone opens a folder. It should run when a file is changed.
I know it takes a lot of performance but it is better then calling users.
Server 3.0.0 The physical server is a xeon 4x 2,67Ghz with 4GB Ram und a fast hdd disk system.

haiwen member
killing commented Apr 22, 2014

For libraries created before 3.0, the performance improvements in 3.0 won't affect them. So you can create a new library and migrate the data from old library. That should solve the problem in the long term.


thank you for your answer. This is not really an option I have 30 libraries with 20 users with 450GB with data. It takes weeks do to that. Can you make a script that automatic create a new library copy the data from the old to the new library and give the new library the id from the old one. So the clients think they are connected to the old one. It would help so much for me and all users of seafile.


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