[Client] Enhance windows tray bubble notifications #85

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The bubble tray notices occassionally pop up with a message stating nothing more than "directory synced" which isn't really that useful. So, two things:

1) Add an option to turn the bubble notices off.

Personally, I find the "synced/notsynced" icon to be sufficient

2) Enhance the bubble text to be more specific.

I realize this is difficult to do as, well, many things could have changed. A few ideas:

20 new files uploaded
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c:\syncdir\subdir directory synced


haiwen member

1) The bubble notices can be turned of in Settings panel (Web interface).

2) On the plan now.


1) Ah, cool. Sorry, I guess I missed that among the massive number of other options*. :|

* I can be a bit dense sometimes :D

@lins05 lins05 was assigned Jan 24, 2013
haiwen member

done in commit daa7d05

@lins05 lins05 closed this Jan 28, 2013
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