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JavaScript libs and scripts to support Ajax/SPA apps - built the Underscore.js / Backbone.js way :)
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Useful JavaScript libraries and scripts to help develop Ajax / SPA Apps

The libraries included here intend to be small, self-contained, useful libs with either 0 dependencies or at most will depend only on:

Their small footprint should make it an easy drop-in for any javascript-enabled page that needs it.

This aims to be a high quality collection of JavaScript or CoffeeScript scripts striving to be developed with the same elegance and ethos as @jashkenas excellent work.

Live demo


While this project is starting up, we've bundled an elegant starting point useful we think would be useful for the JS Ninja :)

Help get Backbone.js get on a CDN

Backbone.js is an awesome library embodying the beauty and elegance of JavaScript. We think having the merged starting bundles available on a CDN will help give it more reach and wider appeal and better able to have it included in online js tools like: and etc.

If you want this as well Vote for it on feedback site

Seen in the wild


We hope to invite other contributors who love JavaScript and writing Ajax applications. Feel free to extend, enhance or provide any other positive contribution you like to see here.

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