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Distributed Systems Engineer

We are looking for a skilled Distributed Systems Engineer to work on our database protocols and reference implementations.


  • Develop and design reference implementations for the protocols
  • Design and develop a test network and tools for the protocols
  • Participate in formal specification of the protocols
  • Build a welcoming open source community by participating in discussions and helping others


  • 3+ years of engineering experience developing and operating distributed systems
  • Deep understanding of modern distributed systems

Nice to have

  • Engineering experience with distributed databases, systems and networks
  • Experience implementing consensus algorithms
  • Experience and understanding of smart contracts, crypto-currencies, and blockchains
  • Experience with IPFS and OrbitDB or other peer-to-peer technologies
  • Experience in, or a desire to learn functional programming
  • Experience in open source software development

How to apply

Check the instructions how to apply if you became interested!