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@hajducsekb hajducsekb released this Oct 6, 2019

The first stable release, and hopefully it is actually stable, unlike OOS 10.

Warning: Please back up your content files if they're important, since this addon will overwrite folders if you redownload a car or track using it.

Changelog since 0.5:

  • Individually download either the track/car only.
  • A list of downloaded tracks and cars will be displayed on the second tab
  • Added a title to the path selection window
  • A bit of cleanup in the code

I'd like to do a manual soon, but there isn't one for the time being. Stay tuned! :)

Note: Keep in mind that the 3 files in the zip (bolt.gif, startup.png, gui[.exe]) need to be in the same folder for the app to run.

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@hajducsekb hajducsekb released this Sep 26, 2019 · 7 commits to master since this release


  • App works much faster thanks to Zach :)
  • Now app overwrites your content folders, so please use it on a custom install if you don't want your files overwritten
  • Download multiple IDs at once using the ID based downloader by seperating values by commas
  • Minor alignment changes
  • Added new icons and the default car and track thumbnails

Note: If you would like to use the app without it overwriting your content, you need to have Python and the dependencies. For it to work without overwriting, you have to change the overwriteFiles flag in line 67 of to 0. overwriteFiles = 0 Manual containing dependencies (short work probably, but I'm lazy and tired) coming soon. Since it's Python, you don't need to compile it.

Edit: For clarification, the overwriteFiles flag hasn't been tested much, so you still need to use it at your own risk. Probably no one will do that anyway, though.

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@hajducsekb hajducsekb released this Sep 23, 2019 · 8 commits to master since this release

It's in pretty early stages, so it's advised that you don't use this on your main install. In case it needs to overwrite files, you need to run it with Terminal/cmd, otherwise the downloaded zips will be in the app's folder, so you can unzip them manually as well. I think a global option (whether you'd 1. want to overwrite, 2. don't want to overwrite, 3. want to be prompted (Terminal needed)) would be nice, so we'll see what will make it to the next beta (or final release). Feedback can be sent to me on Discord (@hajducsekb) in DM, or feel free to use the RVGL Discord server as well (but preferably tag me, since I might not see it). Issues here on Github can be used as well (bugs: you tell me). Happy Racing!

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