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Terraform Kubernetes on Amazon Web Services

This repository contains the Terraform module for creating a simple but ready-to-use Kubernetes Cluster on Amazon Web Services Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS).

It uses the latest available Kubernetes version available in the AWS region and creates a kubeconfig file at completion.

Link to my comprehensive blog post (beginner friendly):

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You need an AWS account.


  • Always uses latest Kubernetes version available at AWS region
  • kubeconfig file generation
  • Authentication via AWS IAM with aws-iam-authenticator (for Linux and macOS)
  • Kubernetes cluster API access is available from workstation IP address only
  • Auto Scaling Group for worker nodes


  • export KUBECONFIG=./kubeconfig_eks in repo root dir to use the generated kubeconfig file
  • Auto Downloads aws-iam-authenticator executable for AWS IAM Kubernetes authorization (Linux & macOS)
  • The enable_amazon variable is used in the hajowieland/terraform-kubernetes-multi-cloud module


See tables at the end for a comprehensive list of inputs and outputs.

  • Default region: eu-central-1 (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • Default node type: t3.medium (2x vCPU, 4.0GB memory)
  • Default node pool size: 2
  • Default Auto Scaling Group minimum: 1
  • Default Auto Scaling Group maximum: 3


terraform apply:


7.44s user
4.09s system
10:39.68 total
7.86s user
4.51s system
10:57.32 total
7.42s user
3.98s system
11:11.69 total

Terraform Inputs

Name Description Type Default Required
enable_amazon Enable / Disable Amazon Web Services k8s bool true yes
random_cluster_suffix Random 6 byte hex suffix for cluster name string true
aws_region AWS region string eu-central-1 yes
aws_profile AWS cli profile string default yes
eks_nodes EKS Kubernetes worker nodes, desired ASG capacity number 2 yes
eks_min_nodes EKS Kubernetes worker nodes, minimal ASG capacity number 1 yes
eks_max_nodes EKS Kubernetes worker nodes, maximal ASG capacity number 3 yes
aws_cidr_block AWS VPC CIDR block string yes
aws_subnets List of 8-bit numbers of subnets base_cidr_block number 2 yes
aws_cluster_name AWS ELS cluster name string k8s-eks yes
aws_instance_type AWS EC2 Instance Type string t3.medium yes


Name Description
kubeconfig_path_aws Kubernetes kubeconfig file
config_map_aws_auth Kubernetes ConfigMap for aws authentication


Terraform module for creating a Kubernetes cluster on Amazon Web Services








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