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Terraform module for creating a Kubernetes cluster on Digital Ocean with latest available version, kubeconfig file creation and addititonal node pool.
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Terraform Kubernetes on Digital Ocean

This repository contains the Terraform module for creating a Kubernetes Cluster on Digital Ocean.

It uses the latest available Digital Ocean Kubernetes slug version available and creates a kubeconfig file at completion.

Link to my comprehensive blog post (beginner friendly):

Digital Ocean Logo


You need a Digital Ocean account and a Personal access token.


  • Always uses latest available Kubernetes version on Digital Ocean
  • Kubernetes Cluster with 1 + 2 = 3 worker nodes (default node pool + additional node pool)
  • kubeconfig file generation at completion


  • The resources will be created in your default Digital Ocean project
  • If you want to add/remove worker nodes, just edit the do_k8s_nodepool_size variable
  • It can take 2-3 minutes after Terraform completes until the Kubernetes nodes are available
  • export KUBECONFIG=./kubeconfig_do in repo root dir to use the generated kubeconfig file
  • The enable_digitalocean is used in the hajowieland/terraform-kubernetes-multi-cloud module


See tables at the end for a comprehensive list of inputs and outputs.

  • Default region: fra1 (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • Default Kubernetes version: 1.14.2-do.0
  • Default Node type: s-1vcpu-2gb (1x vCPU, 2GB memory)
  • Default main pool size: 1
  • Default additional node pool size: 2


Runtime terraform apply:


2.56s user
0.89s system
7:16.37 total
2.38s user
0.75s system
5:15.77 total

Terraform Inputs

Name Description Type Default Required
enable_digitalocean Enable / Disable Digital Ocean bool true yes
random_cluster_suffix Random 6 byte hex suffix for cluster name string yes
do_k8s_nodes Worker nodes int 2 yes
do_token Digital Ocean Personal access token string DUMMY yes
do_region Digital Ocean region string fra1 yes
do_k8s_name Digital Ocean Kubernetes cluster name string k8s-do yes
do_k8s_pool_name Digital Ocean Kubernetes default node pool name string k8s-nodepool-do yes
do_k8s_nodes Digital Ocean Kubernetes default node pool size number 1 yes
do_k8s_node_type Digital Ocean Kubernetes default node pool type string s-1vcpu-2gb yes
do_k8s_nodepool_type Digital Ocean Kubernetes additional node pool type string s-1vcpu-2gb yes
do_k8s_nodepool_size Digital Ocean Kubernetes additional node pool size number 2 yes


Name Description
kubeconfig_path_do Kubernetes kubeconfig file
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