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SimpleDialog is a very simple popup (modal) or jQMdialog (page) Dialog widget. For usage, see the source of the demo.

SimpleDialog Features

  • Two display modes, either a button choice (bool), or a text entry (string).

  • Attempts to position itself centered over the input, however, for small screens, it will open a dialog window instead.

  • Click outside the widget to close.

  • Options can be configured via data-options attribute

Suggested Use

The use of SimpleDialog is just that, very simple. Assuming a trigger of a usual button, i.e.:

<a href='#' id='diag1' data-role='button'>Simple Dialog, String Style</a>

A typical SimpleDialog code block would look like:

$('#diag1').live('click', function() {
		'mode' : 'string',
		'prompt' : 'Type Something!',
		'buttons' : {
			'Done, Submit': {
				click: function () { 
					alert('You Wrote: ' + $('#diag1').attr('data-string'));
			'Cancel': {
				click: function () { return true; },
				icon: "delete",
				theme: "c"

Global Option Overrides:

// AFTER loading jQM
jQuery.extend(, {
	'useDialogForceTrue': true

Available Options

These can be passed to the dialog via an object set at the data-options attribute, or in the standard method

  • option : Description (default value)


  • pickPageTheme : Theme for popup window or dialog. (b)
  • pickPageInputTheme : String Mode Input Element. (e)
  • pickPageButtonTheme : Widget buttons. (a)
  • zindex : Z-Index for popup window. (500)


  • mode : Mode of operation - either 'bool' Choice buttons, or 'string' input. (bool)
  • prompt : Prompt for dialog, or false to suppress display. (Are you sure?)
  • buttons : Object for buttons. (null)
  • allowReopen : Allow widget to reopen. (true)
  • useModal : Use modal styling - fade out background. (true)
  • forceInput : Force the user to choose a button in popup mode. (true)
  • useDialogForceTrue : Boolean Always use Dialog Window, regardless of screen size. (false)
  • useDialogForceFalse : Boolean Never use Dialog Window, regardless of screen size. (false)
  • enterToTrigger : Index of the button to trigger on ENTER [string mode]. (0)
  • escToTrigger : Index of the button to trigger on ESC [string mode]. (1)

Button Customization:

  • click : Function to perform on click
  • icon : Icon for button
  • theme : Theme for button

Runtime Fun:

  • butObj : contains the button objects. e.g. butObj[0].trigger('click') might be fun.
  • sawOnce : on a forceInput dialog, set to false to allow it to open again.

Note: forceInput + useModal is the rough equivalent to modal: true in ui.dialog