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A bunch of Unicode characters in a poster, on a Hilbert curve.

🆕 New in Ver3.0.0


The Unicode Map Project (Japanese: Unicode巨大地図) is an experimental project to illustrate Unicode characters (and non-characters) in a large poster, and sell them at some dōjinshi fair event such as Comiket in Japan. The version 1.0.0 was sold at Comiket 91, held on Dec 29, 2016. Its composition of Unicode characters is very featured by its arrangement, which introduces a Hilbert curve to visually span the blocks of Unicode.

The poster is developed with open source and the poster data can be downloaded for free. And also any contribution is welcomed!


BMP-1 (U+0000 - U+3FFF) ver3.0.0

BMP-2 (U+4000 - U+7FFF) ver3.0.0

Development version

Development version of the builds are available in the Release page.

💪 Build

Install Node.js 8+ and run:

npm install
npm run build

WARN: This command will download almost 1GB of the font data from the internet, and cache them into fonts subdirectory.

🔰 License

The overall repository is licensed under GPLv3 by hakatashi.

The files not in the data/glyphs subdirectory are also licensed under MIT License by hakatashi.

🛣️ Roadmap

  • Full support of BMP
  • More permissive license

🙏 Materials