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Shared Data Provider

This example shows the use of Shared Data via Asynchronous Shared Maps in Vert.x. An object(com.kodcu.entity.StockExchange) saved with random values to the Async Map can be accessed from another verticle.

        final Random random = SecureRandom.getInstanceStrong();
        final SharedData sharedData = vertx.sharedData();

        vertx.setPeriodic(3000, h ->
            sharedData.<String, StockExchange>getAsyncMap(DEFAULT_ASYNC_MAP_NAME, res -> {
                if (res.succeeded()) {
                    AsyncMap<String, StockExchange> myAsyncMap = res.result();
                    myAsyncMap.get(DEFAULT_ASYNC_MAP_KEY, asyncDataResult -> {

                        LocalDateTime dateTime = LocalDateTime.now();
                        StockExchange stockExchange = new StockExchange(String.join(":", String.valueOf(dateTime.getHour()),
                                String.valueOf(dateTime.getMinute()), String.valueOf(dateTime.getSecond())),
                                Arrays.asList(new StockExchangeData(KODCU_STOCK_NAME, random.nextInt(100)),
                                        new StockExchangeData(JUG_IST_STOCK_NAME, random.nextInt(100))));

                        myAsyncMap.put(DEFAULT_ASYNC_MAP_KEY, stockExchange, resPut -> {
                            if (resPut.succeeded()) {
                                log.info("Added data into the map {} ", Json.encodePrettily(stockExchange));
                            } else {
                                log.debug("Failed to add data {} ", Json.encodePrettily(stockExchange));
                } else {
                    log.debug("Failed to get map!");


  • JDK 8 or later
  • Maven 3.0.0 or later

To compile

mvn celan install

To run

java -jar target/asyncPutVerticle.jar -cluster


sh run.sh

Relevant article is

How to Share Data Between Threads in Vert.x