A lightweight distribution agnostic utility to lock-logout-suspend-reboot-shutdown Linux system.
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lepo-logout is a lightweight, distribution agnostic utility for GNU/Linux systems that can,

  • Lock screen1
  • Logout user
  • Suspend system
  • Reboot system
  • Shutdown system

And lepo-logout doesn't require too many dependencies and resources to perform these tasks. lepo-logout doesn't even require ConsoleKit.

Dependencies :

  • YAD - YAD (Yet Another Display) is a program to display GTK+ dialogs. YAD is also known as Zenity on steroids. YAD is developed by Victor Ananjevsky. YAD is available in repositories of many current GNU/Linux distributions. If it is not available for installation via your distribution's package-manager you can download YAD from SourceForge or pkgs.org or UbuntuUpdates.

Installation :

Installing lepo-logout on any GNU/Linux system is very easy. Just download lepo-logout-master zip file, extract its contents into a directory of your choice, open that directory in your favorite terminal emulator and run these two commands,

chmod 755 install-lepo-logout
sudo ./install-lepo-logout

Voila! lepo-logout is installed!

Usage :

lepo-logout will be available under either Preferences or System Tools category of any Freedesktop standards compliant menu. You can easily launch lepo-logout by clicking on its menu entry. You can also run lepo-logout via your favorite terminal emulator by entering,


You can also add lepo-logout to the panel for quick access. Please consult your panel's documentation on adding custom launchers. lepo-logout's desktop file is located at /usr/share/applications/lepo-logout.desktop.

Screenshot :

Here is a screenshot of lepo-logout just in case you were interested!

alt text

Removal :

Removing lepo-logout from your system is just as easy. Open your favorite terminal emulator and run,

sudo remove-lepo-logout

Kaboom! lepo-logout is removed!

Credits :

  • Crystal Clear, GNOME, Human & Tango icon sets for the icons.
  • Lennart Poettering for systemd & the name. lepo in the lepo-logout is a portmanteau of Lennart and Poettering.

License :

This work (lepo-logout, by hakerdefo), identified by hakerdefo, is released under University of Illinois Open Source License.

1. Any one of the following will be required for the Lock Screen function,

  • xtrlock
  • i3lock
  • slock
  • light-locker
  • xscreensaver
  • gnome-screensaver
  • dm-tool

If none of the above is installed, the Lock Screen button won't be visible in lepo-logout.