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The long-awaited web service for checking who is currently hacking at hackerspace (or doing anything else anywhere). long-season provides simple, responsive web user interface and REST API, for interacting with service without need for using browser. long-season is fully fledged, you don't need to setup external database or download interpreter. Everything you need is within this repository or included in docker image.

Although long-season is now usable, it is still in early development stage.

How it's working?

Basically: users are adding MAC addresses of their devices to their profile and administrator of long-season has to check online devices at his local network (you can achieve this with nmap) and send their MAC addresses to specified endpoint. That's it folks. For more question check FAQ or open new issue.


Right now you have to build long-season manually. But you can facilitate your work by using a make.bash script.

Clone this repository and enter below command in your shell (or whatever you are using):

$ ./make.bash build

Now you have long-season and short-season in your root directory. You can use make.bash for running project and rebuilding it whenever some changes occurs.

$ ./make.bash watch

You can also build docker image or just use docker-compose, which is the simplest way to start development or use long-season.


BSD 3-Clause License