Notes don't work correctly in Firefox #732

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I'm using Reveal.js on Firefox and I encounter a bug on notes feature:

  • the note doesn't display in the new window;
  • the preview of the next slide doesn't work too. It doesn't update when the slide changes.

I encounter this problem with Firefox 23.0 on Ubuntu and Firefox 25.0.1 on Windows XP and the browser support chapter doesn't take about any problem on the latest Firefox

Edit: This bug happens with the 2.6.0 version of Reveal.js


Tried FF 23 and 27 on OS X but no issues there. Tested with, which is 2.6.0.

Any chance you are accessing your presentation directly via the filesystem? There are known issues with notes when it runs outside of a web server.


Yes. I run the presentation outside a webserver, directly from the filesystem.
But Reveal.js 2.5.0 works without any problem.


Gotcha, running directly off of the filesystem produces varying results based on which browser you're using. The correct workaround for this is to run a local web server. I've updated the readme to point this out and refer to the full setup instructions.


@hakimel hakimel closed this Dec 2, 2013

It is sad to read that, as one of the reason I switched from Power Point to Reveal.js is that you need nothing to run the presentation.

But most of all, why does it work correctly with the version 2.5.0 in the same environment?

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